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Pop Up Email Subscribe Widget Blog Me Kaise Add Kare ?

Hello Friends....!! Good Evening ...

Aaj mai Blog se related Post Krne wala hu ki

Blog me Pop up Email Subscribe widget Kaise add karte hai ?

Agar aapke pas ek blog hai aur Blog ko popular karna chahte ho to is widget ka use kijiye,

Blog Popular tabhi hoga jb apke blig par visitors jyada se jyada aane lagenge,

Pop Up Email Subscribe Widget Kya hai ?

Yah widget Uniq hota hai,
Jab koi aapke blog ko open karta hai to yah widget automatic Unko show hoti hai , Aur na chahte huye bhi visitors ko apna email subscribe krna pdta hai,

jitne jyada email subscribe krenge Aapka blog ka traffic utne hi jyada hoga.

Is widget Ko Use karne ke fayde Kya hai?

Iske use karne se bahut fayda hai,

1st to isse blog ka traffic badhta hai,

Jisse aapka alexa rank bhi badhega,

jitne jyada visitors Apke blog ko subscribe karenge Apke blog ki SEO bhi achchi hogi, Aur apka blog Search engine me Top par dikhne lgega

Pop up Email Subscribe widget Blog Par Kaise Add kare ?

Mai ise add karne ka tarika step by step btane ja rha hu,follow kijiyega --

Step-1 - Sbse pahle aap blogger par sign ho Jaiye, aur apne blog Name ko click kijiye.

Step-2 - Ab Aap **Layout* Ko click kariye.

Step-3 - Ab right side me add gadget hoga use click kijiye.

Step-4 - Ab HTML/JAVASCRIPT ko select kijiye.

Step-5 - Ab Apke samne Aisa window show hoga,
Jinme Bade wale input Box me Neeche ka code paste karke save kar dijiye.

Code :

<style>#sub-box {display : none;background : rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);width : 100%;height : 100%;position : fixed;top : 0;left : 0;z-index : 99999;}#boxclose {width : 100%;height : 100%;}#boxview {background : #fff;width : 280px;height : 200px;position : absolute;top : 35%;left: 3%;}#boxlink a.visited, #boxlink a, #boxlink a:hover {color : #aaaaaa;font-size : 9px;text-decoration : none;text-align : center;padding : 5px;}#subscribe-box {width : 280px;height : 200px;background-color : #B76ED5;}#subscribe-box p {font-family:&#39;Open Sans&#39;;font-size:18px;color:#fff;line-height:20px;padding:20px 20px 0 20px;margin:0;}#subscribe-box .emailfield {padding:0px 20px 10px;}#subscribe-box .emailfield input {background:#f9f9f9;color:#bbb;padding:10px;margin-top:10px;font-size:13px;font-family:&#39;Open Sans&#39;;width:96.3%;border:0;transition:all 0.4s ease-in-out;}#subscribe-box .emailfield input:focus {background:#fff;outline:none;color:#888;}#subscribe-box .emailfield .submitbutton {background : #ea141f;color : #fff;text-transform : uppercase;font-weight : normal;font-size : 16px;border : none;outline : none;width : 100%;cursor : pointer;border-radius : 3px;transition : all 0.4s ease-in-out;}.i {margin-top: 15px; float: right;}#subscribe-box .emailfield .submitbutton:active {outline : none;border : none;background : #fff;color : #ea141f;}#subscribe-box .emailfield .submitbutton:hover {background : #18c90c;color : #fff;}&nbsp;</style>&nbsp;<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[jQuery.cookie = function (key, value, options) {// Pengaturan cookieif (arguments.length > 1 && String(value) !== "[object Object]") {options = jQuery.extend({}, options);if (value === null || value === undefined) {options.expires = -1;}if (typeof options.expires === 'number') {var days = options.expires, t = options.expires = new Date();t.setDate(t.getDate() + days);}value = String(value);return (document.cookie = [encodeURIComponent(key), '=',options.raw ? value : encodeURIComponent(value),options.expires ? '; expires=' + options.expires.toUTCString() : '', // use expires attribute, max-age is not supported by IEoptions.path ? '; path=' + options.path : '',options.domain ? '; domain=' + options.domain : '',options.secure ? '; secure' : ''].join(''));}// cookieoptions = value || {};var result, decode = options.raw ? function (s) { return s; } : decodeURIComponent;return (result = new RegExp('(?:^|; )' + encodeURIComponent(key) + '=([^;]*)').exec(document.cookie)) ? decode(result[1]) : null;};//]]></script><script type='text/javascript'>jQuery(document).ready(function($){if($.cookie('popup_facebook_box') != 'yes'){$('#sub-box').delay(3000).fadeIn('fast');$('#closebox, #boxclose').click(function(){$('#sub-box').stop().fadeOut('fast');});}});</script><div id='sub-box'><div id='boxclose'></div><div id='boxview'><div id='closebox'></div><div id='subscribe-box'>&nbsp;<center><p>SUBSCRIBE AND GET DAILY LATEST UPDATED NEWS IN YOUR EMAIL INBOX</p></center>&nbsp;<div class='emailfield'>&nbsp;<form action='http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=oursuccesspoint' method='post' onsubmit='window.open(&apos;http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=oursuccesspoint, &apos;popupwindow&apos;, &apos;scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520&apos;);return true' target='popupwindow'>&nbsp;<input type='text' name='name' onblur='if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Your Name&quot;;}' onfocus='if (this.value == &quot;Your Name&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}' value='your name'/>&nbsp;<input type='text' name='email' onblur='if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Your Email&quot;;}' onfocus='if (this.value == &quot;Your Email&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}' value='Your Email'/><input name='uri' type='hidden' value='YOUR-USER-NAME'/><input name='loc' type='hidden' value='en_US'/>&nbsp;<input class='submitbutton' type='submit' value='Subscribe Now!'/></form>&nbsp;</div></div></div></div>

Ab apke blog par popup Email subscribe widget add ho chuka hai.


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